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EN︎ Flag is a carpet designed as a superpostion of colored volumes. It is the result of graphic research by designer Marta Bakowski, who, through the practice of collage and gouache, experiences the interactions between monochromatic blocks and series of straight lines, generating colorful rhythms and a feeling of depth. The shadows cast - a nod to the aesthetics of the 1980s and 1990s - associated with the different heights of the weave reinforce the three-dimensional effect.

FR︎Flag est un tapis conçu comme une superpostion de volumes colorés. Il résulte des recherches graphique de la designer Marta Bakowski, qui, à travers la pratique du collage et de la gouache, éprouve les interactions entre des blocs monochromatiques et des séries de lignes droites, générant des rythmes colorés et une sensation de profondeur. Les ombres portées – clin d’œil aux esthétiques des années 1980 et 1990 – associées aux différentes hauteurs du tissage renforcent l’effet tridimensionnel.



EN︎ The ceramic collection 'La Musique', inspired by Henri Matisse's iconic 1939 painting, will be presented from January 16th to Monday 20th 2020, in conjunction with the Maison & Objet and Paris Déco Home events.

21 rue Bonaparte, 75006 Paris.

Press + Professionals: Presentation on Thurday 16th of January from 9am to 3pm//
Open from the 17th to the 20th of January, from 11am till 7pm. Except Sunday 19th, from 11am till 6pm.

FR︎La collection de céramiques 'La Musique', inspirée de la toile iconique peinte par Henri Matisse en 1939, sera présentée dès le 16 Janvier 2020, à l'occasion de Maison & Objet et de Paris Déco Home.

21 rue Bonaparte, 75006 Paris.

Presse + professionnels: Présentation le Jeudi 16 Janvier de 9h à 15h.
Ouvert du 17 au 20 Janvier 2020, de 11h à 19h
Sauf Dimanche 19 Janvier, de 11h à 18h.





With Mathilde Bretillot ( Founder & Creative Director)
Pierangelo Caramia (Puglia & Basilicata expedition)
Jill Silverman van Coenegrachts (Strategic Advisor)
Marc Bretillot (Food Designer)
With the Support of Fondation Martell and Politecnico di Bari
DESIGNERS: Marta Bakowski / Lili Gayman/ Sarngsan Na Soontorn
Animation: Studio Plastac

EN︎ IDE is a journey that invites to a work of translation and pushes the designers as well as the craftsmen out of their comfort zone while challenging their established methodology and creative reflexes. This project came as a moment of intense freedom in which most of the ingredients were gathered to allow a fully immersive, collective and cultural experience. Amongst many other images, Puglia could be defined by its archaic landscapesmade of old tortuous olive trees covering the infinite red lands divided by irregular drystone walls and punctuated by folk, lime-covered Trulli constructions. Its identity is also strongly rooted in its local products and cuisine, wonderful in its rusticity, simplicity and honesty. In this region, what could be perceived as rudimentary is in fact a fantastic demonstration of authenticity. Puglia is a place stripped off from the superfluous, an invitation to go back to what is essential. It is that notion of ‘primitiveness’, that I understood as something that is ‘at its origin’; something that speaks about what is ‘elementary’, ‘positively naïve’ and ‘unsophisticated’ that nourished my research and constructed my design response during the entire expedition. Our experience in Puglia took the practice further, as the time between the thinking and the making was drastically reduced. We hardly made any drawings or heavy conceptualization, as we started working straight from very primitive sketches to clay prototypes, letting the hand of the craftsmen follow uncertain silhouettes. But this is where I think the beauty of this experience lies: in letting the intuition do the work and the hands do the thinking; in letting the ball of clay raise before your eyes, under thepressure of the craftsman’s fingers, and allow yourself to say stop when the shape just feels right. In the end, the format that IDE took encouraged us to listen to our deepest instincts,leading to a series of objects that will remain as they were left: ‘straight from theoven’, unpolished and honest.



EN︎ Series of turned and laquered wooden boxes inspired by merry-go-rounds.